Can a business fully function without an IT staff?

Trying to run a business without IT support is like attempting to overhaul an airplane engine mid-flight, at some point it will crash. I have seen the damage, and have heard horror stories from companies trying to cut costs by eliminating this department. In today’s world, a company having no one watching the data component is not the way to do this.
Company “AB”, has been contracting out on a per incident basis, sounds like a workable option but is has been a nightmare. The first vendor quoted a price, did the work, and after completing the project billed the customer more money than agreed to. The customer refused to pay the bill, and was locked out of their network by the vendor with secure passwords. Once the customer paid the ransom to the vendor he released the passwords.
There are many reasons why you are in this situation, you may be attempting to police everything yourself, or your IT specialist has decided to seek out greener pastures leaving you and your company alone and lost. If you were in this situation, how would you keep your business going? Let me introduce you to “IT as a Service” (ITaaS).
This service allows a company to choose the level of benefit you need for your company. If you only need limited management like Pro-Active monitoring, Anti-virus support, or MS Windows patch management, which is a plan available for a monthly subscription.
If you need a more hands-on approach; one of my vendors offers on-site, technical support, nationwide. This includes hardware support, virtual CIO advisory service, server and server OS management, managed and controlled user identity, access to company data and applications, data back-up and desktop deployment. In short, everything you would expect from a world class IT department at one low monthly fee.
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