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The Cloud offers a great many benefits; however depending on your company’s needs, these benefits may cost your company more than any cost savings or new features. So before saying yes please consider the following.

Just because something is the latest technology doesn’t mean it is in your best interest. Hosted IP telephones seem to have some advantages over traditional telephone systems. However upon close examination you may find the trade-offs for these advantages may not be to your advantage.

In difficult economic times, businesses find that they must restructure and make cutbacks to survive. What they often overlook are their current telecommunication services being provided from their current local, long and data providers.

The Dark Ages, a time in history when much of the knowledge the world had acquired over generations, was lost or misplaced. Many companies are struggling in their own “Dark Age”.

Recently FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called for the elimination of traditional phone service in favor an all IP Telephony world. Over time the marketplace may go that direction, before we start decommissioning all the copper lines in the U.S. there are some things we should consider.

Recently I was working with a university with two campuses that were located about 50 miles from one another. The request I received was for a 100MB connection to be used for Internet, administration use and distance learning. As normal I submitted requests to vendors I knew could provide the service.

At 11:00AM today, Verizon held a meeting of its largest customers and provided the following update on how it will conduct business during the period of the strike:

You have been told always read the fine print, however you have just gone through the whole process of looking at your telecommunication options and you think you have found the best provider for your company. You notice 1-9 pages of legalize attached to the signature page and you take a quick glance and sign it without seeing what they actually promised you. I see it happen every day.