Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you offer consulting services for free?

A:Doctor Telco Inc. has never produced a invoice in the history of our company. We are agents for all the major telecommunication companies. As an independent representative we receive the latest rates, technical and marketing information from each carrier. Since the carriers compensate us, we don’t have to charge you the customer for our services.

Q: What are the top ways for small businesses to cut long distance calling costs?

A: 1) Compare providers every 6 to 12 months for the best cost. 2) Watch the amount of minutes your employee's average on the telephone. 3) Add account codes to your long distance service to track the call by employee and department

Q: Which telephone company has the best rates?

A: They all do. Most telecommunication companies have multiple rates, some rates are very good and some are not. Some rates are meant to be temporary to hook you into a long-term contract. Our goal is to show the best plans based on your needs.

Q: Why doesn't my current telephone company sales rep take better care of my company's needs?

A: Almost all telephone companies compensate their sales reps only on new business sold. It's not the sales reps fault, the company's they work for give them high sales quota's making nearly impossible to service customers and find new ones at the same time. Something has to give, and after a short period of time they are no longer charged back if your company goes to another carrier, so they do the only thing they can do to keep their jobs- find new customers and ignore their current customers. 

Q: How is dealing with Doctor Telco Inc. different than dealing with a direct telephone company rep?

A: Instead of a large up front commissions from the carrier we are paid a residual payment based on your bill from the carrier. We are being compensated to make sure you are happy with the service you are receiving. Our job is to make sure you are receiving everything promised by the carrier everyday. At Doctor Telco there is nothing more important than the needs of our current customers. It is our purpose. 

Q: Do I pay more using a Doctor Telco services?

A: The rates you pay are the same or lower than you would pay from a direct rep. Some companies pay their reps more for selling at a higher price. We work in your best interest not the telecom carrier or even ourselves. If we find you have the best plan now, we will tell you and not try to switch you to something else. It’s about your company not about us or the carriers.

Q: Why would I use your services rather than just calling several of the big telephone companies and requesting bids?
  1. We will work in your best interest; that means if the carrier has a product that doesn’t work or a better rate, we will tell you.
  2. Some companies have other divisions that sell the same products at lower costs. Your rate could be based on which group you contacted within that company. A good example of this is AT&T. AT&T sells services through local account reps, national accounts, commercial markets, AT&T Alliance and ACC Business. All these are AT&T, however each has their own pricing structure. We work to find the best rates from all the major carriers.
  3. There are great specialty telecommunication companies that may meet your needs better than the larger ones. Sometimes the largest telecom companies are buying their products from these companies and marking up the price. There are great specialty providers of; voice and video conference, SAAS, local phone service, IP telephony and data services. If you don’t look at the options you may pay too much or miss out on features that would have better met your companies needs.