Here’s how to spend 92% more on your data services.

Recently I was working with a university with two campuses that were located about 50 miles from one another. The request I received was for a 100MB connection to be used for Internet, administration use and distance learning. As normal I submitted requests to vendors I knew could provide the service. My first quote arrived from one of the “big three carriers” using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) at a cost of about $33,000 per month. The second quote came in from another big 3 provider using MPLS at only $5831.00 per month a sustainable difference to say the least.
For many companies the story would end right there, order the $5831.00 circuit and brag about how much money you saved your company. CIO officers tell me frequently,” I can bring in the carriers myself and get a great deal.” Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t work so well. Some carriers have different rates that pay their reps greater commissions based on getting you to buy the service at a higher price.
Some carriers have secrets that you only find out after something goes wrong. For example; “the reason your service was down for three days is the fact we are powering our network using our customer’s electricity. The ring was down until they could get their electrical service working and we could go in and reboot our equipment. “I can give you examples of this happening to three larger customers on different fiber rings hundreds of miles apart from one another. We at Doctor Telco fully disclose everything we know about the carriers. If there is weakness you will be aware of it before you sign the contract.
There are great carriers that are not one of the big three. Several of these are billion dollar corporations that have network located exactly where you need it. Such is the case here with this university. Instead of MPLS, which is a shared IP based service; this carrier has a SONET point to point 100MB virtual LAN service. The cost for the customer for such a premium service; $2200.00 per month. That’s a better service and it costs 92% less than one of the big 3 quotes. We at Doctor Telco feel that your company has better things to do with money than overspend it with the wrong service or provider.