How to lose your business or school in the cloud without even trying.

There’s nothing magical about the “cloud”. The cloud for all practical purposes is equipment with secure access. If you are using a top-notch cloud provider, they will be using the very best equipment money can buy and have redundant servers backing up your cloud services. That’s the way it should work and work well it does.
We have equipment and cloud providers contact us on a regular basis wanting to set Doctor Telco Inc. up as a cloud provider. I am sure many companies have taken them up on their proposals. We have never wanted to be a cloud provider. We represent multiple cloud companies as their sales agent. These companies represent the best of the numerous cloud providers that are available today.
What if you purchase cloud services from a smaller less stable cloud provider. What if their servers fail? What if they go bankrupt, what happens to my data? What if they just have poor customer policies?
I got an answer to one of these questions last week, when I visited a college in the Southeast. They were buying a software package in the cloud designed for college and universities. Due to some unforeseen circumstances this college missed their payment to their cloud provider. The cloud provider deleted all of the school’s data that was stored on their servers. All of their records were deleted including their transcripts. They had to start over from scratch and the records were never recovered.
What can we take away from this? It’s a good idea to know the policies of the cloud provider. You need to know if they have backup servers and how long they can go back in their archives. You need to be sure that the provider and your data will be there when you need them to be, stability is essential.