Verizon Strike

At 11:00AM today, Verizon held a meeting of its largest customers and provided the following update on how it will conduct business during the period of the strike:

1. The strike affects all operations of Verizon Telecom and Verizon Business. .
2. Customers who are classified as TSP will receive top priority for service followed by all maintenance related issues (repair).
3. All in-process orders are automatically going into Jeopardy status and will start to be worked in two to three weeks.
4. All new orders will be automatically future dated December 31, 2016 and then will be moved up as the plan for handling new orders during the strike is developed by Verizon.

Please note that this will affect customers ability to move service to other providers during this strike period. The ability to port numbers, install new services or upgrade services will be slowed down or even halted during the strike. If you are in Verizon area, Doctor Telco Inc. has agency agreements with Comcast, Charter and Time Warner and we will be able to order and deliver Internet and Private Line Services for your business from these and other providers. If you are in AT&T, CenturyLink or Windstream area it will be business as usual with all services available to your business.