Are you ready for "Dark Monday"

Are you ready for “Dark Monday”? How soon we all forget the lessons of 911. Not the see something, say something. Do you remember your Internet that day? Back in those days, before Facebook, before VOIP and streaming, the Internet was an entertainment/information venue. Yes, there were companies that were using VPN between branches but they the exception and not the rule. The internet nearly came to a stop based on the overloaded circuits that day.
The Internet, like any network is based on traffic engineering. Traffic engineering is the art of designing service based on everyday use. Back in the old days of telecommunications we used Erlang Probability tables to determine the number of lines that were needed during the busiest hour of service. Ideally a service level of P.01 was achieved meaning less than one call in 100 would be blocked.
Like telecommunication services of old, the Internet also is based on probability. Networks are not designed to have everyone using them at the same time. Before you tell me, “but my cable company says I’ll get 20MBPS. “Look at the fine print it says, “up to”. As long as, they don’t give you more than 20 then they are honoring their agreement.
Unlike 911 the world is now dependent on this network. VPN’s connect corporate locations, credit cards are processed, phone, video calls, even surgery is conducted via the Internet. We have the biggest threat to our way of life since 911 and we have told everyone to conduct business from home. Tomorrow morning from grade school through college level will attempt to have virtual classes. At the same time millions will try to conduct their business from their Internet at home. Those not working will want to check social media and stream Netflicks. How will all this work at the same time? I don’t think it will. Adjustments will need to be made including interactive classrooms. If you need to order more bandwidth; we can order it for you. Keep in mind many of those Communication Workers of American and other installers are working or not working at home as well. The best action a school could take is delaying the school year until this crisis is over. Be patient better days are ahead for all of us.