Is Your Company on the Verge of the Dark Ages?

The Dark Ages, a time in history when much of the knowledge the world had acquired over generations, was lost or misplaced. Many companies are struggling in their own “Dark Age”. Why, because a key person within their organization has died, has been downsized, retired, or even worse quit and went to a competitor. The passwords to reprogram the routers, access the website, work on the local server, are now lost.

Many times no one notices that the Dark Ages have begun, until there is a failure of a T-1. There’s no one that knows who to call. The CFO runs to accounts payable to try to find bills to find out who to call. After an hour or more he figures out which company to call. When calling in the trouble he realizes he has other issues, the carrier doesn’t want to speak with him, he isn’t listed as a contact on the account.

Another problem, a new sales rep is hired and needs a cell phone and an e-mail account. No one knows what to do or who to call. The office manager calls the cell phone store where they just got the kids phones at Christmas time. She/he signs an agreement for your company without any knowledge of what your current obligations are in your existing contract.

Over time you find it necessary to hire out a company or a new telecom manger and they tell you that everything has to be started over from scratch. You have lost valuable time, dollars and possibly customers.

If you think this is an exaggeration, it is not, I have customers right now that are struggling with the things listed above simply because one employee left. Some telecom managers refer to their hidden knowledge as extra ‘job security”. The best way to address hidden knowledge is to make sure it isn’t hidden from those who could possibly need it in the future. Microcorp has developed a totally secure on-line telecom inventory management system called “ Insite.” “ Insite “ is designed to keep your company out of the Dark Ages. For an on-line video click on this link: If want more details on “Insite” e-mail or call us, and we will arrange a demonstration of the service.