Carriers We Provide


Charter is America’s fourth largest cable company. Charter’s services for business includes; Phone Lines, PRI, Cable TV, Internet and Fiber Services.


Comcast is America’s largest cable provider. Comcast’s business services include; Phone Lines, PRI,Cable TV, Internet and most recently Hosted VOIP.


Earthlink is a IT, Network and Communications provider with annual of $1.3 billion. Earthlink offers PRI, Hosted VOIP, MLPS, Private line Service and Internet. Earthlink has been a leader in retail data services; including credit card verification and MPLS over DSL services.

Why Jack Joined the Cloud Evolution


EasyLink provides a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based business messaging and transaction services including Desktop Fax, Production Messaging, EDI, and Notification Services. 

Evolve IP

Evolve IP is an IP provider that offers Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers, Call Center Services, SaaS and IP Telephony services.

Why choose the Evolved Office Hosted IP Phone System?


Fusion is a 15 year old company that offers Unified Communications, Hosted Voce, SIP Trunking, Internet, Data Connections and Cloud Services.


InContact has one of if not the most advanced hosted call center services available today. Your call center can have agents working worldwide out of their own home, yet your company will have the tools to monitor and manage the call center as if they are in the same building.

We Are InContact


Insite is a telecommunication’s inventory management system that Doctor Telco Inc. make available to your company at no cost for all of your locations that use Doctor Telco services. 


Intercall has a great conference call portfolio which includes Web, Video and Audio Conferencing at a fraction of what large carrier’s charge.


Internap offers the best SLA among any Internet providers, due to the fact that they purchase connectivity from all the major providers and select the quickest routes for your IP traffic through their patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO). Internap also offers Colocation, Cloud Hosting, and Content Delivery.

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