Servers don’t float and other things we can learn from a hurricane.

Hundreds of square miles of Houston were flooded by Hurricane Harvey. It’s never easy to recover from such a disaster, but for some being prepared can be the difference between remaining closed for good and reopening as the water recede. I speak with businesses every day. Some have a weak back-up plan and others do not have any disaster recovery at all. Some companies have a back-up data drive on their premise and others have their data backed-up with a company “across town”.
Data backed-up on premise or across town is not good enough to protect your business. Your data back-up needs to be far enough away so that a single disaster does not wipe out your data and your back-up. You need to have your back-up located out of your region. Even better is to have it backed up and replicated to a second site as well. According a Houston area data rep I spoke with many companies could not get to their business for weeks. Many of those companies that backed up data locally found that their data no longer existed.
What if you were hit, what do you do now? I guess you found out that phone systems don’t float either. If you had a hosted phone system, from an out of region company then all phone service and voicemails still exist and you can get your phones up and running pretty quickly. If you don’t have a hosted phone system, now is a great time to get one.
Don’t start replacing your PC’s. Many companies are moving to the B.Y.O.D. or Bring Your Own Device model. Virtual desktops from providers that replicate the data in multiple data centers would ensure all the data would be there after any disaster. Right now employees using Virtual Desktop could be working out of their homes as if there were no hurricane at all. With a combination of Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktop, your customers may not even be aware that your company weathered a disaster.
If you are reading this and you didn’t go through the hurricane; tornado’s, flooding, blizzards and even civil unrest can put you in a similar situation. Prepare now for the unexpected. We can help you put together a plan with data and telecommunication services, that will be there when the unexpected happens.